Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Change is a beautiful thing

It's been so incredibly long since I've last posted. Why? Well, to sum it up, I've had a busy 2012. In chronological order, I have gotten pregnant after I miscarried, continued taking graduate-level classes towards my masters degree, I landed and completed a full-time internship at the Bay Pines VA Medical Center, I graduated with my Masters degree in Social Work from FSU, and most importantly, I had my handsome little boy on September 14, 2012. Oh, and I got a fabulous job where I completed my internship. The mack-daddy of all Social Work jobs. This job is the cream of the crop for social workers.

It HAS been a busy year. It's also been one of the greatest years of my life. So much has happened. When I look back at my life, I've had such a difficult time with change. I think it's what finally sent me into a total whirlwind and lead to the development of my eating disorder in 2007/2008. I hated being out of control and trying to manage all the change around me. Yet, five years later I am welcoming the changes in my life with open arms. I am blessed with all the changes that have recently happened in my life.

So with that being said, I want to introduce the best thing that has ever happened to me. My son, Michael.

Michael was born on September 14, 2012 at 3:43pm. He was 8 lbs, 12 oz and was 22 inches long. He's going to be a tall boy! Labor lasted approximately 12 hours. It started at around 3am. I had my first contraction then and 30 minutes later I had another. Another 30 minutes went by and I had my third contraction. After that third contraction, they literally went from 30 minutes a part to 5 minutes apart. I timed the contractions for exactly an hour. In which they remained 5 minutes apart. At 5am, I called the doctor to let her know that was going on. She said it was time to head to the hospital. And off we went! A normally 45 minute drive took my husband about a 25 minutes. :) After we arrived, they admitted me to triage. I stayed in triage until about 11am. We had to wait for a room in Labor and Delivery to open up. I refused to take a wheelchair to Labor and Delivery. I wanted to walk because I heard that brought on the labor faster. And boy did it bring it on. As soon as I walked into my room, I had an extremely painful contraction. Good thing I was hanging on to my husband or I would have hit the floor. Between the time I entered the room and 3pm, I had my water broken, an epidural (at 5cm) and a shot of pitocin. The epidural only worked on my left side at first. The nurses had to keep rotating my body to get the epidural to flow to the other side. They also had to up the level of the epidural because they felt that the anesthesiologist didn't give me enough to correlate with my height. After about an hour of rotating me back and forth on the bed, the epidural took on my right side. After that, labor was virtually pain free. However, the epidural gave me the shakes pretty bad. My mother in law thought that I was cold and needed a blanket. lol I told her that I was actually burning up and wanted to air condition dropped even lower! At a little after 3, the nurse felt it was time to start pushing. I was 10 cm and 100 percent effaced. As I was about to start pushing, the doctor walked in. We honestly wanted our nurse Dani to deliver the baby. Seeing as how she was there with us from the get go. The doctor was only with us for a few minutes from the time we were sent to delivery and labor. At about my third to last round of pushes, I felt like I needed to vomit. And that I did. lol My husband thought it was from pure exhaustion. After that I felt fine. A couple rounds of pushing later, out came my little boy! 3:43pm exactly! They plopped him on my body for a few seconds, dried him off and took him over to the warmer to suction out his mouth. About 10 minutes later, they put him back on my chest. That was the most amazing moment of my life... the first time they put him on me. It was love at first sight. He looked straight up at me. I will never forget that moment.

Now, here we are a month later and I can honestly say that I love being a mother. I love him with all my heart. He is such a great baby. He's already growing like a weed. I cannot wait to watch him grow and watch him develop a personality. What a wild and amazing ride...

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