Monday, December 19, 2011

A day of "news"

Korean dictator Kim Jong II died. A local Police officer in Florida gets shot. Those were just a few things that were in the headlines yesterday. But not only were there a bunch of news, there was also a bunch of new things happening in the Deputy (my husband's) and my life yesterday. 

The first new thing was a breakfast that I made for the Deputy yesterday. Introducing... Egg in the Hole.
Foreign beer glass

Find a glass with at least a 2" diameter rim and press into the topic of a slice a bread

Remove circle and set aside

Then you're going to add a tad of butter to a non-stick pan and set to  a medium heat. Toast the slide of bread until a light golden brown. Then crack an egg into the center hold and fry for roughly 2 minutes. Flip and fry the other side for 2 more minutes. Meanwhile, during this last two minutes, fry the remaining piece of bread (circle) on both sides. Remove from pan and sprinkle a dash of paprika for presentation. Viola! Egg in the Hold!
Another new was a gift from my in-laws. About a year ago, they bought an electric fireplace/TV stand for their home. I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on it. On thankgiving, while we were browsing the Christmas ads I came across a couple fireplaces in the home depot, lowes, kmart, and big lots ads. I thoughtfully mentioned the fireplaces to my husband while my in-laws were in hearing distance. :)  So yesterday, for an early christmas present... you get the picture! Isn't it cool!? And since we had a really cool fireplace and TV stand, we just had to get a new TV to go with it. LOL It was about time anyways that we purchased a new TV. Our old one was so outdated. It was probably going on 6 years. Plus, Best Buy had a fabulous financing option. 36 months, no interest.

Another new for us was the gun safe that my in laws purchased for my husband. For years, my husband has been asking for a safe for his rifles and pistols. My husband has been into pistols and rifles since he was a little boy. He got his first 9mm beretta when he was just 17 years old. Since then, he's collected a handful of weapons (for personal and work use). Being a Marine/Police Officer, it's pretty common :) It was nice to get the safe yesterday because up until then, he's scattered weapons all throughout the house. Everywhere you looked, there one was. Ha! So now, they are stored in a nice, safe location.

What's are the "news" in your life? Whether it's news or something new, explain.

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